Hunting Trips and Rates

A Must-Have List for All Hunting Adventures

  • Full Quiet Rain Gear
  • Personal Effects
  • Bug Spray, Sun Block
  • Hat for sun/rain, Spare Noise-free clothing, and hunting Shoes
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Redundant eyeglasses and prescribed Medications are given to guide as backup

Daily General Rate:

$550.00  Full Guiding Day per person

$299.00 per night ( 2 persons) for Luxury Lodging at Twin Maple Outdoors Lodge  ( See Luxury Lodge Here)

*Customized adventure stay packages are available designed to save you money!

*FREE* – Hunters may tent camp at Twin Maple Outdoors Free of charge.

Maine Hunting Seasons Click Here

Maine Hunting and Fishing License Info

Moses – Electronic License purchase

Maine Cast and Blast Adventures

All permits/rates/ Licenses apply for each activity and are offered when state law permits. Please call us if you wish to book.

  • Spring Cast and Blast –  (Turkey, Salmon, Bass, Pike, Trout)
  • Fall Cast and Blast – (Turkey, Deer, Moose, Partridge, Salmon, Bass, Pike, Trout)

Maine Whitetail Deer Hunts

  • Our hunts for whitetail deer are offered on private farmland or big Maine woods.
  • We maintain quality whitetail Institute food plots to ensure better growth and health of our local whitetail herd.
  • Maine is at the most northerly range of the whitetail so deer are not as plentiful as found in more southerly areas. This being said, if proper woodlot management is practiced for the winter habitat, the whitetail in Maine can and will survive to offer a unique opportunity to harvest a big-bodied mature animal.
  • The experience of Maine set in a rural setting will surely give a hunter a special day afield and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. During the Deer season in Maine,  a hunter can take advantage of world-class Partridge hunting as well. Our deep woods and gravel roads offer some of the world’s best grouse hunting to be found.


  • Fully Guided-Big Woods Hunt 1 or 2 Hunters  $500.00 per day with lunch, Cabin Lodging Available
  • Fully Guided-Private Land  Hunt with Tree stand /Ground Blind $450.00 per day per person, Luxury Lodge & Cabin Lodging Available
  • Semi-Guided-Private Land  Hunt with Tree stand/Ground Blind $ 350.00 per full day per person, $250.00 per 1/2 day per person, Luxury Lodge & Cabin Lodging Available
  • ( See Luxury Lodge Here)

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Maine Turkey Hunts

 Spring Turkey Hunts

Spring turkey hunts are done with our ground blinds or run and gun.  Maine Spring Turkey Hunts are for two Toms only. We will “Roost” the Toms the night before your hunt so there is no time wasted at Dawn. Turkeys are then called into decoys within shooting range of your blind, using various calls to excite your bird. You can call in the bird or we can do it for you…The adventure of having a 20-pound bird come at you is one of the biggest thrills a hunter can experience.

 Fall Turkey Hunts

Fall Turkey Hunts in Maine allows for 2 Wild Turkeys of either sex, any age. When the leaves are turning, it signals one of the best times of year to be in the Maine woods. Calling birds is not as effective as in the spring so a common tactic is to break up the flock and call them in as they try to locate each other. The Turkeys have fed all summer and large broods can often be found in reforested areas as well as small protected pastures around our area. We will scout before you arrive at the pattern of the flock so we are ready to position ourselves at dawn before sun up. We use either natural hedgerows or ground blinds to get in close to the birds when they approach feeding areas in the morning routine. In the woodland is where we will run and gun. We break up the flock and call them in… Ether strategy is very exciting and rewarding!

  • Fully Guided  per person-  Ground Blind
  • $350.00 / 4-hour hunt, Luxury Lodging Available ( See Luxury Lodge Here)
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Maine Moose Hunts

Maine Moose seasons are allocated by zone encompassing September, October, and November. September and October seasons are the peaks of the rut and in November it’s about the food sources.

Legal Methods for Taking Moose

Moose may be hunted with a rifle, shotgun, handgun, muzzleloader, bow, arrow, or crossbow. Shotguns using shot loads and .22 caliber rimfire firearms are prohibited.

Other Restrictions/Bag Limit

The bag limit is one moose per permit holder, per year. The moose may be shot by either the permittee or the sub-permittee. It is illegal to drive moose in the State of Maine.

We offer hunting in Zones 2,3,4,5,9,10,14

7 Day/ 6 night Fully Guided Base Price per two people (Permittee/Sub-Permittee) – $3500.00 (meals and free farm and state primitive camping are included.) * 3rd party Cabin Lodging and paid tent sites are subject to pricing and availability in the area.  Free tent and RV Camping are available on our farm for a booked hunt.

Twin Maple Outdoor luxury lodge ( See Luxury Lodge Here) for an additional charge. (Upon Availability)

*not included – Moose Tags,/License, Personal Effects, Sports Camp Lodging, Refrigeration, Meat/Hyde Processing, and shipping.

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Maine Bird Hunts

We have some of the finest Ruffed Grouse hunting in Maine, and the early season also produces large numbers of Woodcock as well. Early fall in Maine allows bird hunters to get in the woods while the weather remains mild.

Ruffed Grouse

The ruffed grouse remains the icon for bird hunting in Northern Maine. Known locally as Partridge. The abundance of birds here makes it a great spot to bring your dogs to work, but they are by no means required to have a successful hunt. The typical day of hunting can produce several flushes with or without a dog. Our past springs have been good with low mortality of the young birds. We have been fortunate to experience some of the best years in bird hunting just recently. Hopefully, our populations will keep thriving.

~ Maine bird hunt begins October 1st – December 31st.  The daily limit is four.


Woodcock hunting in Northern Maine is a treasure and available to upland bird hunters. Some areas are exclusively managed for the woodcock which has led to world-class upland birding for the hunter. Both Grouse and Woodcock thrive in the same habitat, so be prepared to “Beat the Bush” and have plenty of action!

~ Seasons set in late August/ early September.
Regulations available mid-September from license agents,
game wardens, Inland Fisheries, and Wildlife Dept. offices.

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$ 500.00 per day, 1 or 2 hunters – Cabin Lodging and Luxury Lodging Available ( See Luxury Lodge Here)

Reservation and Cancellation Policy  Due to the daily fluctuation in fuel prices at the time of the trip, Twin Maple Outdoors reserves the right to adjust prices at the time of the trip. If you have had a good time on your trip, it is customary to tip your guide and housekeeper. Thank You!

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