Gift Certificate Download

Welcome to our gift certificate purchase program!

We welcome you to download the certificate below.

Please read the following procedure/policy to complete your gift! 

  • Download and Print Certificate
  • Call Us to schedule a mutual time or you may leave trip/stay open-ended. If open-ended, the trip/stay may be scheduled on a mutually agreeable time up to two years in advance.  *We recommend that you pay 100%  for the trip two weeks prior to avoid any issues. 
  • You MUST be of 18 years or older to make a reservation.
  • All certificates need to be paid in full two weeks prior to a scheduled trip. If failure to finish the payment transaction occurs, we reserve the right to cancel any certificate without refund. The scheduled trips are subject to our cancellation policy.
  • We will NOT remind you of your payment, it is your responsibility to follow up and complete the payment transaction.
  • Upon receipt of payment for a reservation, the Twin Maple Outdoors registration forms will be filled out by the purchaser. The guest will be required to review, agree and sign registration upon arrival/check in to keep your gift a total surprise!

Thank You, Twin Maple Outdoors Management

*Questions or concerns may be directed to Rich Yvon at 207-907-9151 or email at

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