Flex Spex

We at Twin Maple Outdoors are proud of being a Pro Staff member of Flex Spex. Our guiding has been impacted to the highest level with these great optics. When our sports need that fly tied on correctly and quickly, we depend on our Flex Spex to deliver the highest quality and dependability. We believe in these optics so much we have endorsed them as our official fishing spex!

Richard YvonTwin Maple Outdoors L.L.C. 

Adjustable Reading Glasses

They say, Necessity is the mother of invention, but in my case, it was frustration is the mother of invention.

While on a fishing trip, I was attempting to tie on a new fly in a hot fishing section of the river. I became completely entangled in my reading glasses strap, my sunglasses strap, and the strap on my fly bag. By the time I disentangled myself, we had floated through one of the best fishing sections, and I thought, There has to be a better way!


My Mission

Design reading glasses that work in an outdoor environment.

I came home with a mission: to design reading glasses that worked in an outdoor
environment. I had three goals. First, I wanted glasses that didn’t hang on my neck. Second, I didn’t want to take off my sunglasses to use my readers. Third, I wanted my readers to be easily accessible at a moment’s notice. My solution was Flex Spex reading glasses: a two part visor, and sunglass clip on. In solving that need for myself, I realized that other people also had a need for Flex Spex.

Proudly made in the USA

Flex Spex is a family owned and operated business located in Greybull, Wyoming. We are excited about our product and will stand behind it.

We design, manufacture, and distribute Flex Spex to a broad range of customers. While our reading glasses were originally created for fly fishing, they are incredibly versatile. Our customers come from many professions including farming, ranching, building contractors, concrete contractors, foresters, truckers and transportation workers, industrial workers and foremen, landscapers, highway maintenance crews, surveyors, and river guides They also come from a wide spectrum of outdoor interests like hunting, fishing, camping, and golfing.