Web Developing Services

About Us and Our Web Developing Services

We can give you a web site at an affordable flat rate! A web site can be a vital investment in your future as a business. A web site can provide public visibility in conjunction with social media. We can do both as well as give you a basic degree of optimization. During pre-planning, we will give you a time line and expectations for you before your project starts and you make a commitment.

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What we simply do for you…

  • Give you a site according to your budget.
  • Register your domain and web site application in your name ( You have complete ownership and control)
  • Provide a Customer Centric Service Business Model
  • We will work with you before, during and after the life cycle of your web site.
  • We use an Open Format Web Developing Application called Word Press
  • We only use reputable Host such as GoDaddy.com (24/7 customer service)
  • Give you one on one consulting empowering you to make educated decisions and control of your site.
  • We only project positive energy to you or your goals with superior communication. We do not hide, manipulate, or miscommunicate information.

What you need to provide us…

  • All images as not to infringe on any copyright reservations.
  • All Content ( We can work with you)
  • Administrator/Manager  Log in for Twin Maple Outdoors for all your applicable accounts

What things we leave to specialized services…

  • Advanced Optimization
  • Web Listing Services