Emergency Rescue Insurance

*Please take notice*

We have discontinued rescue insurance for our sports.

**We still do however have access and will contact our dispatch center at Garmin for rescue.

**All sports are responsible for any cost that will accrue for rescue on our trips.


You have booked a trip to a remote location and suddenly you feel chest pains…now what?

At Twin Maple Outdoors we have you covered! In addition to simple first aid, we are happy to announce that we have emergency rescue and more importantly, insurance. We can initiate an emergency evacuation at our fingertips!

We have a Garmin device that lets us contact a national dispatch center which facilitates an emergency rescue via land, air, or water. Sports may purchase rescue insurance for any of our trips. If insurance is purchased, please let your guide know at least two weeks in advance of your trip.

*Yes, if you are opt-out of the insurance we can still get you rescued but the entire cost will be your responsibility.

*Please contact us when booking your trip about insurance and coverage. A dedicated premium payment will be required to ensure your coverage and eligibility.

Thank You,

Richard Yvon