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Richard Yvon – Twin Maple Outdoors:
“I am happy and excited to join the Daddy Mac Team! I look forward to a fun and mutual beneficial relationship. Daddy Mac is a world class company that I am honored to be apart of. Now let’s all catch some fish!”


jhough76-Fishing_final_100113_310Daddy Mac Lures Blog Post;

David Riley and Richard Yvon have been added to our Pro Staff team

After thoroughly reviewing over one hundred Pro-Staff applications, Daddy Mac Lures is proud to announce that David Riley of Rhode Island and Richard Yvon of Maine have been added to our team of Pro-Staffers. These two highly respected, knowledgeable and experienced anglers hold the same values as Daddy Mac Lures with a strong emphasis on professionalism, loyalty and a genuine belief in the quality and proven success of the Daddy Mac brand. We look forward to our new partnership as well as to supporting and promoting David on the tournament trail and Richard with his successful business Twin Maple Outdoors.

Please check out David’s Bio here:

David Riley’s Bio

Please check out Richard’s Bio here:

Richard Yvon’s Bio


Daddy Mac Lures is home to superior quality fishing lures geared towards saltwater fishermen. We are a father/son-in-law team with a combined 75+ yrs. of commercial & recreational fishing experience. Our 2013 season was a great success and we are proud to share many new products for 2014. Thanks to our customers for your loyal support. Tight lines!

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