Soft Science

Proper footwear matters

The science behind SoftScience™ supreme comfort footwear is a combination of our materials package and design platform.

At the heart of all SoftScience footwear is a proprietary material named Trileon™. Trileon is a lightweight yet dense closed cell co-polymer that is highly resilient, supportive and odor resistant. All of our outsoles and footbeds are made from 100% Trileon.

Our fit and supreme comfort is a function of our Levelast™ Universal Comfort Platform, or UCP. The SoftScience UCP is based on a few simple principles of biomechanics to provide the wearer with all day comfort.

  1. SoftScience footwear puts the foot in a level position with zero heel rise or drop. Supporting the foot in a level and neutral position allows the body to align properly.
  2. Our footwear has a generous toe-box and fit that allow the foot and toes to spread out and relax as nature intended.
  3. The contoured footbed is designed to evenly distribute the body’s weight to reduce pressure points.

The combination of these aspects of the UCP provides a cushioned yet supportive design that reduces foot, ankle, knee, hip and back fatigue. Further, these features result in a collection of footwear that is:

  • Supremely comfortable
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Stable and supportive
  • Appropriately cushioned
  • Non-slip and non-marking
  • Durable & tear resistant
  • Odor resistant

Our history

In 2013 Scott Seamans a founder and chief designer of Crocs, and John Duerden former president and chief operating officer of Reebok, got together and set out to design shoes that would take comfort casual footwear design to a new level. Shoes that from both technical and style standpoints would be different from anything else out there. Shoes that would take an uncompromising stand on comfort, but at the same time be stylish and fun.

Scott and John designed shoes that you can relax in, shoes that you can be active in, or shoes that you can work in comfortably if you are on your feet all day. Shoes that are ultra light, superbly cushioned, supportive and durable, all at an attractive price point.

SoftScience has grown and is now run by a passionate team committed to providing you with the most comfortable pair of footwear you will ever wear. SoftScience footwear is now available in designs for those who care about foot and body wellness– fishing guides, runners and athletes in need of post-run/exercise recovery footwear, medical professionals, postoperative patients, restaurant employees and anyone else whose feet need some extra TLC.

A deeper dive into our technology

Download our tech report here

Trileon™ and the Levelast™ Universal Comfort Platform (UCP) are the foundation of all SoftScience™ footwear and the core of their unique comfort and performance.


Trileon™ — a closed cell copolymer developed by Scott Seamans exclusively for SoftScience™. The unique properties of Trileon™ make it the perfect material for outsole and footbed construction. Trileon is cushioned, stable and lightweight, it allows us to produce a shoe weighing just six to eleven ounces* that is comfortable while retaining high-impact resistance and support. Trileon™ is used in the shoes’ durable outsole and in the removable, washable insole. The outsole and insole combine to produce the unique comfort experience, which is the “WOW” factor in all SoftScience footwear. The effective, yet simple, design and construction minimize the need for hardening adhesives and multiple layers of material. Wearers experience a roomy and relaxed fit, a stable platform, superb shock absorption, and an outsole that is slip-resistant and non-marking

Levelast™ UCP – our unique footbed design is at the heart of all our shoes. It was born from two simple concepts:

Level: Shoes with minimal elevation changes from heel to toe keep the foot level, which is natural and healthy and helps disperse body weight evenly across the sole of the foot, reducing pressure points.

Last: A “last” is the mechanical form on which a shoe is constructed and is central to the design and fit of the shoe. Our last design allows for a generous fit that accommodates most foot shapes and sizes and allows the foot to spread out, relax and reduce tension.

By combining the cushioning and stability of Trileon™ with the Levelast™ UCP, SoftScience™ is able to offer uncompromising comfort across all our styles.

*For standard sizes up to 13.  Extended sizes excluded.

Here is what people are saying about SoftScience™ footwear

“…Awesome comfort for walking or spending all day on your feet. I will be getting more…”
Donna – Boston, MA

“…It is a unique combination of wonderful cushion and extreme comfort…”
Phil – Miami, FL

“…They immediately changed my life and I will forever be a loyal customer…”
Jessica – Atlanta, GA

“…Wearing the shoes is a pleasure and has given me welcome relief…”
Jack – San Francisco, CA

“…an absolute winner…and I won’t wear anything else…”
Barry – Newport, RI

“As a chef I’m on my feet all day and so when I discovered the true support and comfort of the SoftScience Pro series everything changed – I’m just a happier and healthier person now!
Jane – New York, NY

“I just received my Fin 2.0 boat shoes I have to tell you they are totally awesome, hands down the best boat shoe I’ve ever worn.  I have owned Sperry boat shoes, Clark boat shoes, these are the best!  It makes those other boat shoes look like junk.  My personal opinion.”
John – New Hampshire

“I live in my drifts. They are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet. As soon as I’m done with my training I put them on and I have no doubt they help with my recovery.”
Craig Howie – 2x Top 10 finisher at the Leadville 100.

“As an avid golfer, I have struggled with a failed outcome from foot surgery for the last ten years. I have been unable to walk 18 holes without significant pain towards the end of the round. Recently, on a trip out West I was to play golf but had not packed my Ecco shoes. I played in my SoftScience™ Drifts. It wasn’t until after the round as I walked to the car that I realized I had experienced no pain in my foot. I will be using them for golf from now on!”
Andy W. – Stonington, CT

“I wear them for 12 hours at the hospital while on my feet most of the time. They are extremely comfortable, easy to wear, easy to clean and my legs and feet after the shift were not tired (as they can be with some other types of shoes). Sometimes my feet are sore the next morning after working several shifts in a row and the morning after wearing your shoes my feet were fine. They support a high arch and seem to conform to the foot the more they are worn, making the shoe even more comfortable with longer wear. The cushioning is excellent. I would highly recommend these shoes to anyone who wants a totally comfortable and very practical shoe for long hours standing or walking.”
Melanie R. – RN

“As a former Podiatric physician and surgeon for 20 years, and presently a Personal Trainer specializing in Rehabilitation I have seen most foot problems imaginable. I am proud to recommend the SoftScience line of footwear. It is Light, Comfortable, and allows the feet to function in the way nature intended it to. The technology of the midsole and outer sole makes you feel like you are walking on air. Most foot, Knee, Hip and Back conditions could benefit from this shoes amazing Shock Absorption feature.”
David Buchler, D.P.M., C.P.T.